Lives and works in Vancouver BC

2015 MFA. University of British Columbia.
2015 UBC Graduate Instructional Skills Workshop.
2008 Artist Trust EDGE professional Development Program.
2006 Seattle Central Community College, Graphic Design.
2005 The Evergreen State College, Media Studies.
2005 Western Washington University, Visual Art.

2015 Art Rock? Astoria, Vancouver, BC.
Liminal Waste, Sunset Terrace, Vancouver, BC.
Object approaching short blue waves, Belkin Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
2014 Extended Party Remix, Satellite Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
2013 Denise, first-year MFA show, Audain Art Centre, UBC, Vancouver, BC.
2013  The Trees, The Trees, Vignettes, Seattle, WA.
2012  Bedroom Choreography-LIVE! #2, group performance, The Waypost, Portland, OR.
-Scraped Off the Back of a Rectangle, Cairo, Seattle, WA.
-Read With Me, Occidental Park, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle, WA.
-Bedroom Choreography-LIVE! #1, group performance for Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA.
-Bad For Jazz: Ruminations, sound + visual performance, Gallery 1412, Seattle
2011  UMM…WHAT ARE YOU DOING, performance art salon, curator, Cairo, Seattle, WA.
-Night Club, reading and performance, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle, WA.
-Bad Yoga, group performance on Seattle Light Rail train, Seattle, WA.
2010  This Ballet is Making You Smarter and More Attractive, solo performance, Olympia Film Festival, Olympia, WA.
-Sense and Sensibility, Vera Project, Seattle, WA, two-person exhibition.
2009  Crawl Space Centennial, Crawl Space Gallery, Seattle, WA, juried by Jeffry Mitchell.
-Self-Helps, Emerson Space Case, Portland, OR, solo exhibition.
-Magick Spectrum, Twenty20, Seattle, WA.
2008  Educational Crap-Happy, Zeitgeist, Seattle, WA, solo exhibition.
-The Gift Cycle, No Space Gallery, Seattle, WA.
-A Taxonomy of Thanks, McLeod Residence, Seattle, WA, solo exhibition.
-Free For All, Helm Gallery, Tacoma, WA.
2007  a bell is a cup until it is struck, PUNCH Gallery, Seattle, WA, juried by Eric Fredericksen.
-Seattle Central Student Invitational, SCCC, Seattle, WA.
2006  Vague Head Skeletons, Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA, solo exhibition.
2005  Internally Decorated, The Kipple Gallery, Bellingham, WA, solo exhibition.
-Fruits (Learning to Love You More), Orange, Olympia, WA.
2004  Slow Show to China, VU Gallery, Bellingham, WA, senior group exhibition.
-Spring Showcase, B Gallery, Bellingham, juried by Barbara Sternberger.

-Graves, Jen. “Indian Gifts.” The Stranger, 2009.
-Graves, Jen. “RUBBISH! Art and the Plastic Bag.” ARCADE online, 2009.
-Hackett, Regina. “Love Children Free Themselves from the Cross.” Arts Journal, 2009.



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